Louise will give you all the best tools to improve your English skills, & more than that, she will give you all the necessary confidence that you need to obtain your goals.  I have found in Louise a very engaging and supportive person who totally understands your particular needs. All these factors in my case brought me what I was looking for
— -Alessandra, Peru (Dentist)
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I started working with Louise to improve my TOEFL scores...I continued to work with her ... through the entire college application process for US schools from filling out forms to revising essays. ...I am very proud of being admitted to 11 schools.  I won a full scholarship and now will be able to complete my dream.  I love working with Louise because she is experienced, professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic. With a great teacher like that, everyone wants to learn.
— Nghi, Vietnam (Simmons College, 2017, Kotzen Scholarship Recipient)
..with the help of a professional and experienced teacher, I made noticeable improvement  [on my TOEFL]. Louise helped me to revise my writing and more importantly, my listening and speaking skills improved so much. I think Louise made all the difference in my preparation of retaking TOEFL exam. 
— Lynn, China (University of Texas, Austin, PHD program)
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Thanks to your dedication and instruction, my English has improved a lot. I would not have been able to make through a hard time of writing essays if it was not because of you. Also, we had a great time practicing pronunciation and speaking together! Learning with you is my pleasure. I really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help me.
— Ngan, Vietnam (Whitman College, 2017,  3/2 plan with Columbia University)
...I’m so thankful for helping me to improve my English and the fabulous teaching!! .. Everything you taught me was very useful and helpful for my tests!! ... It was such a valuable and important time for me.
— Je eun, Korea (Cleveland Institute of Music, 2017)