We specialize in guiding International students

through the university admissions process.


We provide personalized advising

Admissions policies and applications vary from school to school and nation to nation, and the application process can be particularly overwhelming for international students. Best Fit Edu counselors work one-on-one with international students and their parents to guide them through the global admissions process.

Our personalized comprehensive, advising is from a dedicated admissions consultant who will work with your family from the beginning to the end of the process. This approach helps each student create applications that reflect his or her unique academic and personal profile.


We work together on the areas topics that are important to you, including

  • Researching college, universities and graduate programs

  • Selecting schools that best fit you academically and socially.

  • Understanding standardized testing requirements and options including preparation for the TOEFL & IELTS

  • Understanding the different types of admission requirements – they are different for every school!

  • Deciding how to apply (early decision, early action, restricted early action, rolling, and/or regular admissions)

  • Putting together a timeline for completing applications and managing the deadlines

  • Selecting teachers and others for recommendations

  • Brainstorming essay topics, and assisting with the essay revision process. (We help edit the student’s work, but do not write the essays for them!)

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Making the final choice once acceptances have been received

  • Understand the different types of visas and the visa application process for foreign students

  • What to expect during your first year

We meet you where you are:

Best Fit Edu has worked with students from all over the world, including students who live Brazil, China, Taiwan, Spain and Vietnam

Contact us from anywhere in the world for your free introductory consultation.